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*What About MY Baby: I am a proud mom of a beautiful teen daughter who happens to be pregnant.We are going down the adoption road together.I cannot imagine a young girl going through all that my daughter has gone through alone.I hope that someday…another person(mom of a pregnant teen) in my situation can find what I have written from my heart, and go embrace thier girl, and be there for her every step of the way.Or maybe I can help a teen that is not supported, and maybe so would not feel so alone. Hope is all I can give.

*embracing the box: A birthgrandma struggles in an open adoption and the lessons she is learning by embracing the box that God has placed her in.

Olive You Forever: I am a mother of a teenage daughter who chose to bless another family with her daughter she named Olive through open adoption. I guess that makes me a Birth Grandma and I am proud to say so!

The Birth-Grandma Chronicles: Joy, love, and blessings, in an open adoption, through the eyes of a birthmother’s mom.

Poemfish: Writing about open adoption and parenting by a non-bio lesbian mom. My wife is a first/birth mom (open adoption 14 years ago) and an adoptee (closed adoption in the 70s), so her experiences are part of our journey.

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