Prospective Adoptive Parents

*Kristen & Misty’s Open Adoption Journey: We are two women blogging about our journey in Open Adoption. Our ramblings include information on the paperworko, the process, the waiting, and even the occasional randomness about our lives.

bake one buy one: Between myself and my partner, S, we have two uteri and not a sperm to be found. We’ve started our journey to create our family.

*One More Cook: Loving family in NC hoping to adopt…

Jim and Amy Hoping to Adopt: Adoption is a journey filled with many highs and lows, twists and turns, and ups and downs. Come join me as I blog about our journey and share our thoughts about open adoption, enduring the wait, and our desire to become parents.

Waiting for Our Baby:We are a couple in our early 30’s living in the South. We are excited about our adoption journey and are eagerly waiting for our baby.

*Waiting!: I am blogging about my experience with adoption as a single mother.

*Filling Our Castle: Join our journey as we start our adoption. Beginning to end documentation with NOTHING left out. Jenna has a habit of oversharing!

*Just me and my thoughts: Just my take on the journey of this thing called “life.” I will be doing a lot of blogging about my journey towards being a mom through adoption.

*Parents to Be: Just Not Sure When: Our blog describes our journey through the adoption process, as well introduces who we are. This is our first time trying to adopt, so it is our first time with an open adoption. We are super excited!

*LivingLifeOutLoud: Domestic Open Adoption

*Happy Adoption Story: We are a happy, fun-loving family of 3 hoping to soon be a family of 4! I am writing this blog to document our adoption journey from the very beginning, and also to get the word out about our adoption plans.

*Roztime: Inclusive fostering to open adoption (currently in the fostering stage), of 3 kids aged 2-8.

*A Thing Called Hope: Our journey towards open adoption, struggles with infertility and loss, but most of all our hope that our dreams will come true.

*Journey to Extend our Family: The chronicle of a young Canadian couple navigating their adoption journey.

*Our Adoption Journey: This is our journey through the adoption process with plans for an open adoption. We became active on Friday, May 22, 2009. We continue to document our lives as we wait for “The Call”. *pregnancy mentioned*

*A Pea in Our Pod, Please: My husband and I always felt led to adopt children…we just assumed we would give birth first. God always has a plan! We tried for three years to get pregnant before we gave in to God and decided to adopt. We have been waiting for a baby since April of 2009.

*Baby Mac… Where are you?: This blog chronicles our journey from infertility to domestic infant adoption.

*karlinda: Vegan Brits living in the US, hoping to start our family soon through open adoption.

*Making Our Family Complete: We are a family of four hoping to be a family of five in the future. We have started our journey to make our family complete through the domestic adoption of a baby girl.

Setters on Point: Our lives, hobbies, existences, just not much about the dogs.

*my thoughts through the journey of adoption: This blog is for the adopting explorers, my husband, my family, and mostly for myself.

Our Adoption Journey: I wanted to document the process of becoming adoptive parents, as well hopefully becoming an advocate for open adoption.

*Somewhere Out There: We are a Florida family of 4 wishing, hoping and praying to complete our family through open adoption.

*Waiting for a Miracle: Our Adoption Journey: We are currently waiting for a match in our domestic adoption process. This blog chronicles our journey, from the beginning to the present.

*And Then There Were Five: Our Adoption Journey to becoming a five-some begins. We are flying by the seat of our pants, and loving it.

*Limbo Land: Confessions of a Wanna Be Mama

*my thoughts through the journey of adoption: I needed a way to share with my family our journey through ending infertility treatments and our excitement about adopting. It’s both informative for my family, friends, and followers as well as therapeutic for myself.

Thinking of a Clever Name: A Wannabe Craftier Stay at Home Mommy. Starting the adoption process – a Chronicle of Our Adoption Journey.

*Adventures in Adoption: Our Journey through Domestic Infant Adoption.

Susan & Mitch (hope to) adopt: We’re following our dream to become parents by adopting a baby girl or boy through open adoption. Our blog shares adventures, experiences, and thoughts along the way.

Scared to be Happy, Happy to be Scared: Wife/Husband team blogging about our adventure in open adoption through open ended letters to our future adopted child we’ve affectionately dubbed “Little One”.

*Kent and Liz Adopting: Kent and Liz van Wagtendonk are from Mariposa County, California near Yosemite National Park, our blog details our journey to finding our future birthmother and life in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Sweet Dreams are Made of This: My hubby & I are “wishin’ hopin’ thinkin’ prayin’ plannin’ and dreamin'” of becoming parents, through private/open adoption in Canada. I also write about everyday life and occasionally post recipes.

*shypublicqueer: sharing a journey to parenthood by way of queer radical love

*Em’s Adoption Blog: The crazy tale of Em and J, a married couple from the UK beginning the long and winding road to adoption.

Daniel and Christy: Waiting for the Miracle of Adoption: He’s a Librarian. She’s a Photographer. Likes: Art, Camping, and Cold Pizza. Dislikes: Shoveling Snow, Mosquito Bites, and Scratchy Blankets. Dream: To be parents to a sweet little one through open adoption someday soon!

Kim and Scott Adopting: My husband Scott and I are hoping to adopt a newborn through domestic open adoption. This blog is a way for us to share our lives and thoughts while waiting. Thanks for joining us on our journey.

Babydusted: A detailed record of our family journey to enter into an open adoption in the Pacific Northwest.

Perfectly Paired: Erik & Suzy’s Journey through Adoption: A Minnesota couple hoping to adopt for the first time. Here we give a sneak peek into our lives and our hearts as we navigate our journey through adoption– finding friends along the way and, hopefully, those very special people that will pair perfectly with us and make our dreams of adoption a reality. Thank you for coming along with us on our journey!

Teach Fish to Swim: A snapshot from the lives of a happy couple in California looking to adopt, offering insight into our thoughts and happenings from the past year. Please contact us with questions.

The Littlest Brooks-Livingston: We’re hoping to adopt our first child through open adoption.

Holly and Heather Adopt: We are hoping to realize our dream of becoming parents through open adoption. This blog and our various social networking pages are vehicles to share our information far and wide in the hopes that a birthmother considering placing her baby for adoption will see us and love what she sees. It takes a village to raise a child. We know our ‘virtual’ village could actually help make us Moms!

Two Cats and a Cradle: Sharing our adoption journey as we experience it and hopefully answer some questions you might have about adoption. I’ll give it to you straight. The happy, the frustrating, the ups and downs and everything interesting in between. You may also get some cute kitty stories along the way. Who doesn’t like cute kitty stories?

We are Until Forever: My husband and I are currently waiting to be matched in an open adoption of a domestic newborn. Our blog documents the adoption process from the start and discusses various resources we’ve found to learn more about adoption. We have a basic timeline of every event in our adoption and a collection of helpful links.

Grafting Our Family Tree: We are your average couple preparing our hearts and home for children. We have hit a couple bumps in the road and now are grafting our family’s red through adoption!

Over The Spoon: I post stories from my life, family, and meals together. I have more recently begun talking about my experiences in the open adoption process.

Let Grace Abound: I write about many topics ranging from adoption to homemaking to cooking and DIY’ing. My husband and I are currently in a domestic adoption process, and would love to have an open adoption. The inspiration behind my blog name is founded on my faith in Christ, and how my entire life has been changed by His grace. My prayer is that grace would abound in all I do, and that my readers would receive grace during their visit to my site.

Becca Blogs | The Adoption Blog: Welcome to the chronicles of our journey to adopt a child (or 4) from the US Foster Care system. Hopefully we will be placed by the end of 2013 so this will transition to a full-on mommy blog.

*Baby Brown: Our journey to Baby Brown. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Adoption Love: We’re Josh and Kristen and we are on a journey to grow our family through adoption! Come follow us and help us spread the word as we search for our new family member.

We Love St. Patrick’s Day: Adam and Shelli’s first child adoption journey

Inconceivable: Our unexpected and fast-paced journey from unexplained infertility to open adoption.

Jason and Justin’s Adoption Journey: We are looking to grow our family through open adoption in a beautiful and safe neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. This blog is about about journey to become dads through open adoption.

J and D Adopt: Prospective adoptive parents in Central Virginia.

Riding on Truth: Walking Through Adoption: This is a blog about adoption, family, home making, and social work.

Adopting Charlie: The story of a domestic adoption, from the very beginning. Currently in the waiting phase, I’m writing about the adoption process and my evolving thoughts and feelings on adoption.

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