Adopted Adults

*  indicates blog is currently inactive or private

*Everyday Brings a New Adventure: I am an adoptee, recently reunited with my birthfamilies, as well as an adoptive mother of two precious boys. Adoption is who I am.

The Warrior Princess Diaries: I blog about my life as a daughter of the King. I’m an adopive mom and aunt, and an adult adoptee, and enjoy honest dialogue about adoption.

*Adoption of Jane: My blog is about my Life as an Adopted Adult, Autism Parent, and Humor. Subjects vary day to day.

Today’s the Day: An adoptee who became an adoptive Mom looks at adoption from 2 sides.

It is what it is (or is it?): I have a son through IVF/PGD and we have long wanted another child. My husband and I are both adopted and have chosen to pursue domestic adoption to build our family. This is where I chart my course.

mom on a mission: I am an adoptee in a reunion, and an adoptive mom in an open adoption.

Love Is Not a Pie: I’m an adult adoptee who is also an adoptive parent. I adopted from foster care and am blessed to have a great open-adoption relationship with my daughter’s first mother.

iwrite how italk: i’m 26. infertility, brain tumor (brain surgery), (reversed) adoption, successful adoption (the boog), the big h (hysterectomy), big laughs, some tears.

Which Way Is Home: Born in the womb; raised by the streets. Jail to college. The Not So Secret Life of an Adoptee.

*Stretched: One family’s story of foster care and adoption

*Communities don’t get built…: The thoughts of an adult adoptee, who is unhappy being adopted and with adoption in general. From a feminist perspective.

*From Another Mother: I am a birthmom. I am adopted. Adoption changes my life every day, and I love every moment.

The Declassified Adoptee: A closed adoption adult adoptee writing about her life stories, reform, and ethics. She is reunited and wants the adoption world to know what contact and relationships have been like for her, her adoptive family, and her original family in a closed-adoption-gone-open in adulthood.

Our Old Southern House: Just an adult adoptee and her hubby living life with their two kids, bio and adopted. Daily life of an open adoption lovin’, transracial family living in their old house.

ReunionEyes: A blog from the perspective of the adoptee about the integration of her life with her birthmother over the course of two decades and the unique blended family that forms as a result of their reunion.

Adoptee Searching for Me: I’m adopted, and have been raised in the closed adoption era. I’m a adoptee rights advocate, and sense having such a hard time with searching for who I was my whole life, I’m against closed adoption and for open adoption if there is no way humanly possible the child/children can’t stay with the biological parent/s. I express my views in my blog and I am delighted to be able to use writing as such a healing tool.

Laura Dennis – The Adaptable Expat Mommy: With two little kids in tow, my husband and I escaped to his hometown, Belgrade, where I wrote a memoir about my adoption and reunion (and brief descent into insanity) called Adopted Reality. Now I blog about adoption and surviving as an expat mommy.

Babydusted: A detailed record of our family journey to enter into an open adoption in the Pacific Northwest.

Then I Laughed: A humorous blog about parenting 6 children, one adopted at birth with FASD. Finding the humor in everyday life.

The Sound of Hope–An Adoptee’s Memoir: I wrote my memoir to promote the need for open adoption in America. I am an adoptee and grew up in a closed adoption and the problems it has caused me and my adoptive brothers is told in my memoir. My advocacy for open adoption is a major theme on my site.

Expat (Adoptee) Mommy: This mom of two raising kids in her husband’s hometown of Belgrade, Serbia writes about expat-ism, adoption, and parenting as an adult adoptee. Her memoir, Adopted Reality, goes into a ʺwhole other level of crazy.ʺ

Sister Wish: Adoptee blog describing my experience in open adoption starting at age 4 through adulthood.

Adoption Trail – 4 Generations: I am 1 of 4 generations of adopted family members: my grandmother, myself, 5 of my children, and 2 grandchildren. My adoption was closed, the rest are open.

*  indicates blog is currently inactive or private

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