First/Birth Parents

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*I Should Really Be Working: Thoughts of a first Mom that placed her daughter for adoption using less than conventional means: by utilizing California’s Safe Haven law, and the journey that occurred when she returned to the hospital and entered into an open adoption.

Therapy Is Expensive: An opinionated 20-something juggles life and open adoption.

The Birthmother’s Journey: One birthmother’s positive experience as a birthmother, a mother and a writer.

*From the Mind of a Bmom: My reflections on life, relinquishment, and random things that make me smile.

Where Do I Begin?: I am a mom to four sweet children, and am pregnant with my fifth. I decided early in my pregnancy that I was not prepared to parent a fifth by myself. Open adoption was my answer and I will experience it in one week. I LOVE the parents I picked for my baby and I cant wait for this little guy to be born.

Amstel Life: Explore the journey of a 22-year-old birthmom who placed her daughter, Deanna Marie, in an open adoption with a wonderful Christian family four years ago…

O Momma Writes: While I am now a young mom, wife, and full time college student and my blog focuses on those roles primarily, my role as a birth mother in an open adoption is talked about often as my experiences collide my roles together resulting into one role…simply me.

The Happiest Sad: I was a mother for nine weeks, and then I became a birth mother. This is the story of me, my daughter, and my daughter’s parents, as it is happening.

Endure for a Night: A birth mother in an open adoption, I write about my experiences with my son, his parents, and the rest of my world.

*My Life with Open Adoption: I have an open adoption with an awesome family. I gave my son up on October 22, 2009 and so far it has been a wonderful experience…here is my story and updates.

Dear Sweetheart: Letters to a child from his birth mom. What she wishes she could tell him and maybe one day will have the chance to.

*Not Quite “Juno”–My Adoption Story: This is my story in pieces. The good ones, the bad ones, and everything in between. Adoption had changed my life forever, as well as my family, and my Adoptive Parents. Even though there were times when it hurt, the end result is a positive one. I wouldn’t change it for the world!

The Birth Mother Voice: My voice is honest and loud. I am a birth mother who has been through two adoptions and I advocate with a very positive attitude about it all. My, how I have grown!

My Adoption Journey: My journey through an unplanned pregnancy, finding hope, finding faith, and moving forward in an open adoption after placing my sweet little boy.

Not Just a Birth Mom: Navigating the ups and downs of life after placement.

The Great Wide Open: The honest, as best as I can tell it journey of my adventures in open adoption and my nomadic life.

Statistically Impossible: A birthfather discusses the experience of open adoption before, during, and after the birth of his son.

*All About a Girl: I’m an LDS (mormon) birth/first mother. This is where I write all about me, my family and everything – the good, the bad and the ugly. I also write about my having placed two daughters with two different families and our ever evolving relationships from semi-open to more open. Just a place where I write and share from my unique perspective on life and everything in general.

*I’ll Be Loving You: I placed a baby girl in October of 2005. This blog is my ongoing adoption story.

Lia, Not Juno: Blundering into an open adoption

*In My Mind: A Birthmother’s Journey: This is my adoption story & my feelings along the way. My goal is to offer healing, hope, & companionship to the women who are going through the challenges & joys of placing a child for adoption.

Carrying a Cat By the Tail: Thoughts from a 31 year old birthmom who placed in July 2010 in a semi open adoption. The learning process, emotional effects and navigating a new life after placement.

Adoption in the City: My experience as a new Birth Mother in New York.

100 Letters to You: A journal/letter perspective on my open adoption experience.

(w)rite here: “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending”

A Birth Mother’s Love: A Birth mother’s reflections and thoughts on adoption and the things that have helped her heal.

*The Mann I’ve Become: I wrote a book called “The Mann I’ve Become: Abuse, Adoption, Grief, Acceptance” about the trials of womanhood mixed in with becoming a birthmother.

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My Little Blessing in Disguise: This is a continued documentation of my journey since finding out I was pregnant and placing my daughter in November of 2010. My journey began here:, and continues on my blogger.

Another Version of Mother: A FirstMom/Birthmother navigating the world of “open” adoption almost a decade later.

Monika’s Musings: Random thoughts and posts, some relating to my open adoption, some not. 🙂

Katydid For Adoption: Blog by a birthmother showing life goes on after adoption and you can be happy!

*The truth about me.: I am going to write about how I am processing through my open adoption. I placed my son for adoption on July 8 2011.

*Wife, Mother, Birthmother, Author, Homeschooler: Chronicling the adventures of anything woman!

Life Love Lanie: Reflections of a birthmother (as of May 2011) in her 20s as her open adoption journey unfolds.

One More Day…: A Birth Mother’s Story of Open Adoption

*This Birth Mommy’s Story: A blog about my experiences as a Birth Mom in an open adoption.

Living the Bittersweet Life: Blogging about the Sweet & Bitterness of Life as Birthmom in an Open Adoption

Betty Anne & Scott: I’m a birthmother and now a new mom to my son that I am raising. Parenting, as a birthmother and as a “regular” mother is no joke!

Living Through Today: Some days are good days. And some days you just have to live through. This is my journey through life as a birthmother.

Idiot girls life post adoption: I am a birthmother just trying to find a way to continue life after losing the one that matters most in this world to me. Not all posts are about adoption but they are all true stories based on my life as I try to move forward.

*Coming Clean: Confessions of a Secret Birthmom: I placed my daughter as a college student, stayed in contact for two years and drifted off. Next thing I knew it was 12 years later. Come join the fun as I navigate the pitfalls of going from closed to semi open contact, and celebrating the hope of coming down the home stretch to reunion one day.

From Another Mother: I am a birthmom. I am adopted. Adoption changes my life every day, and I love every moment.

*Holes 2 Heaven: Chronicles of a birthmom (me) coming out of denial about my adoption journey. My birthdaughter just found me on FB, 14 years old, and I have started blogging and reaching out for the first time ever, to understand our story and connect with others who have been touched by adoption.

*itcame2past: Placed second daughter for adoption on September 5,2007. Single mom to my first daughter born in 2001 and going through a custody battle with my first daughters dad since June of 2008. This is our journey and my thoughts. It’s private because of the custody battle but happy to invite readers.

*In His Easy Yoke: I’m a first mom of 15 years, wife, and mother to two additional precious daughters. I blog about the the good, the bad and the ugly in adoption, my spiritual life, and the privilege of being a mother.

ErnieGirl is TTC: I am a birthmother in an open adoption, my birth daughter turns 9 in March. I am also suffering from secondary infertility, yet to be diagnosed.

*Meghan Loves Kayden: Life after placing my beautiful baby boy, Kayden.

*Access Granted, Please Enter: This is a blog about me. For 15+ years I had a secret. It was my greatest fear & my greatest shame. This is my journey through it all. It’s my journey to discover & live my truth. Gotta love Oprah!

My Angels From God: The adoption journey of a birth mother in an open adoption who became an adoptive mother in a semi-closed adoption and then a biological mother.

I’m Still A Good Mother; A Birth Mother’s Journey Through Open Adoption: Stories of my experiences as a mother in recovery, parenting more children after having older children adopted through foster care, and my amazing relationship with my daughter’s adoptive family. Also, the benefits of what we like to call “post-adoption reunification.”

*Open Adoption4ALL: Before I was a wife and mother, I was a BIRTH MOTHER, first. I have always tried to be open with my story, in the hopes that it might help to generate a more comfortable dialogue about OPEN ADOPTION in every American household. Without the conversation, there can be no understanding.

*From Birthmom to Adoptive Mom: I am a birth mom and an adoptive mom sharing stories from my journey through adoption. I am currently in a very open adoption.

Petitexplosion: A birthmother and birthfather doing open adoption together, living through the process day by day, and trying to devote themselves to each other, before devoting their lives to a baby.

Sunshine in a Bottle: My website is a place to express myself through writing, my birthmama story is up as well.

*Murphy’s Law: I recently found out that I had a son that was given up for adoption without my knowledge. My story is from my heart. I have decided to start this blog because there is a little boy out there who has a Daddy or “Birth Father” that he has yet to meet. Not because of his decision and definitely not because of my decision.

Neither Rhyme Nor Reason: I am a mother and a birthmother who blogs about life and adoption.

Blessings in Disguise: We didn’t give her up, we gave her better.

“She’s Only the Birthmother”: My everyday struggle with the regret after choosing adoption.

My Story as a Birthmother: Well, it’s my story as a birthmother. Honestly from my experiences.

Navigating Normal: A birth mother’s journey through open adoption and redefining family.

Open Adoption Has Made All the Difference: A birthmom’s journey into the world of open adoption. Blunt ramblings from a new placement.

i miss you: I gave up my baby for adoption and this blog is about what that is like.

Our Roots Remain As One: This is my journey as a birthmother, placing both of my daughters in the past few months. I also struggle with bipolar, PTSD, and severe OCD.

Letters to Little Man: I’m a birth mom who enjoys a happy, open relationship with the family that adopted my son. I write letters to my handsome Little Man, the people who love him, and other birth mothers, adoptive families and parents everywhere…

These Are the Days: This is my personal blog about motherhood, adoption and my thoughts as a small business owner.

Sound of Crickets: I’m writing a book about my journey to motherhood that started with a crisis pregnancy, went through secondary infertility, and ended in giving birth to a second child who my husband and I are parenting. I’m blogging about the writing process and my thoughts and feelings as an “older” birthmom in a happy open adoption.

Shel in the World: I am a birth mother in an open adoption. This blog is a collection of memories and rambles about my experiences as a birth parent.

Nap Time Ramblings: Confessions of an at-home mom with a child placed in an open adoption and 2 at home.

Infertile FirstMom: A proud birthmother and former adoption professional currently parenting a baby girl after battling secondary infertility. I write about parenting after infertility and about my experiences with open adoption (both personal and professional).

Lost Again: I placed my son in an open adoption in 1990. When he turned 18 he contacted me, and we slowly started developing a relationship. On July 1, 2013 my son passed away. This is my journey.

*  indicates blog is currently inactive or private