Adoption Blogger Interview Project-Group #3


Today we have the final set of posts in the 2013 Adoption Blogger Interview Project! Participants signed up to be paired with another blogger at random, get to know them through their blogs, and then interview them at their own site. These are their interviews.

Suzanne Meledeo of Surpassing Greatness
Abby of Akers of Love

Valerie Holley of From Another Mother
LisaAnne of Living Through Today

Sarah C of Musings of a Seamstress
Jessalynn Speight of Birthmothers 4 Adoption

Elizabeth of Finding Mercy
Amber of Bumber’s Bumblings

Shannon of One Inch of Grace
OdysseyMamaC of Embracing the Odyssey

Susan of Susan and Mitch (hope to) adopt
Cassandra Sines of Life with Three Special Needs Children

Kelly of Surprised By Hope
Melinda of He’s our heart; She’s our hero

Kenna Shumway of iWrite
Brooke of Marvelous Love Blog

Robyn C of The Chittister Family
Sarah Baker of Grew in my Heart: Through Adoption

Katie of Until Forever…
Venessa of Unexpected Dreams

Rachel Estes of Made in China, with Love
Nicole of Living Out His Love

Allison of Schumm Explosion
Melissa of The Cork Board

You can find links to the first group of interviewers/interviewees here and the second group here. I want to thank each of the bloggers in those three groups for the time and effort they put into making the 2013 Interview Project happen. And to all of the readers: thank you for reading along and leaving comments on participants’ interview posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s Interview Project and perhaps discovered a few regular reads along the way.


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