Open Adoption Quote: Facts Instead of Fantasies

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The full report on open adoption can be accessed at the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute website, an excellent source of recent research on adoption trends and practices.


3 thoughts on “Open Adoption Quote: Facts Instead of Fantasies

  1. Unfortunately, as an adoptee raised in open adoption, I don’t quite feel empowered when I have no access to records that all others freely have. Even those of us in open adoption have our records sealed. I still need to have the permission of others to access my records and this leaves me feeling less than. Also, Adam Pertman of the Adoption Institute does not believe in equal access for all adoptees in the same manner as any other citizen & to see this promoted by adoptive parents, once again, this leaves me feeling much less than empowered. In fact, it’s institutionalized discrimination.

    • I agree Kat. Being in reunion, I suppose I could say that my adoption is now “open” as well. Yet my “openness” only came through a bizarre turn of events as my rights to know my own origins are still denied by law. Additionally, my birth certificate remains sealed, denying me not only my the same rights as other citizens, but preventing me (and my progeny) from inclusion in various historical societies.

      And do I bristle at Pertman’s self-appointed position as spokesperson for all things adoption? You bet I do.

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