Monthly Recap – September 2013

Lots of great writing at Open Adoption Bloggers this month! Here is a little roundup of all that went on around the site.


  • In roundtable #50, we talked about open adoption and school.
  • The Meet, Share, Write offered up some upcoming conferences, new calls for submission and participation, and a whole slew of recently published books about adoption.


  • Kat Cooley asked what qualifies someone to call themselves an “adoption expert,” and discussed the importance of helping children bridge the gaps between contact with their first families.
  • Racilous launched her new column, Fictionalized Adoption, with a post on the ways the complex realities of adoption are distorted in novels, movies, and other forms of pop culture.
  • Alissa, who will be writing the column Semi about approaching adoptive parenting with an attitude of openness when direct contact isn’t yet possible, shared her story of how she started “thinking about openness separately from contact.”
  • Kim introduced her new column, The Long View, about her 25 years of experience as a birth mother in an open adoption.
  • Prospective adoptive parent Ethan shared how movies unexpectedly opened his eyes to the possibilities of open adoption to start off his column, The Art of Waiting.