Join the OAB Team

Open Adoption Bloggers started in 2009 as an idea for a blogroll on my personal blog. I thought it would have perhaps fifty links or so one day. Little did I know what was in store!

ID-10080960It is, of course, now much more than just a blogroll: roundtables, interviews, blog hops, best-of lists, book discussions, regular blog posts, and more. The addition of Kat Cooley and her bimonthly posts at the OAB blog has been especially great. She brings a different perspective and energy to the site, and her posts have generated some wonderful conversations in the comments.

I’m happy about how all the ways this site has grown bigger and busier. I’m also often bumping up against limits on my time and energy (those pesky offline responsibilities!).

It seems clear that it is time for the OAB team to grow! Are you interested in helping create content for the site? We’re accepting applications in two categories: Blog Hop Coordinator and Regular Blog Contributors.

The Blog Hop Coordinator‘s job is fairly self-explanatory. You will run the monthly blog hop: choosing questions, doing publicity, engaging with participants, and generally giving us a fun space in which to connect.

The Regular Contributors to the OAB blog will post once or twice each month on something of interest to the open adoption community. You should think about what specific focus your possible column would take; it you want to talk over ideas, feel free to contact me.

If you’re interested, the application and a bit more information is here. Applications will be accepted through June 30. I am looking forward to seeing whose voices will be added and how the site will grow in the future!

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