Announcing Best of the Blogs: Writing About Mother’s Day + Adoption

One of my favorite projects is the annual Best of Open Adoption Blogs list that we compile together as a community. For those who haven’t participated before, we choose one post of our own and one post of someone else’s from the year to celebrate and honor. The variety of experiences and perspectives reflected in the resulting list is always a delight–as is the lovely writing. (Check out year one and year two to see for yourself.)

As Mother’s Day approaches in many countries, I find myself wanting to do something similar with a focus on Mother’s Day. Over the years I have read some of the most moving writing about people’s experience of adoption in posts about this particular day. It is a holiday which can stir up sadness and celebration, feelings of inside and outside, anger and bitterness and joy and uncertainty for people on every side of adoption.

Best of the Blogs: Writing About Mother's Day and Adoption

Let’s draw together some of the best writing on Mother’s Day and adoption, shall we? Choose one post, written by someone other than you, about Mother’s Day and adoption that you would like everyone to read. It may have been written yesterday or ten years ago. It may be a blog post, a piece in a newspaper, a poem, or an image. Just something published online about Mother’s Day and adoption that resonated with you, moved you, lingered on your mind, and needs to be shared.

Submit your choice via the form below by Thursday, May 9. The list will be published Friday, May 10, at the beginning of Mother’s Day weekend.

If you would like to help spread the word (please do!), you can share this post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc., or write your own post about it. The code for the button above, if you’d like to post it (you can change the size by adjusting the orange numbers), is:

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I am looking forward to reading the wonderful pieces I know our network will compile!


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