Book Club: “Megan’s Birthday Tree”

I’m excited to open up the very first Adoption Book Club discussion!

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Over the past month, a great group of open adoption bloggers read Megan’s Birthday Tree, a children’s picture book written by Laurie Lears and illustrated by Bill Farnsworth.

“Megan’s Birthday Tree” is narrated by Megan, a young girl in an open adoption with her birth mother, Kendra. Kendra planted a tree when Megan was born, and each year on Megan’s birthday Kendra decorates the growing tree and sends a picture to Megan. When Megan learns that Kendra is moving to a new city, she worries that Kendra will forget about her without the tree to remind her.

The story focuses on Megan as she searches for ways to replace Kendra’s tree. It culminates with Megan sharing her fears with Kendra during a visit:

At first Kendra looks confused. But then she wraps her arms around me and holds me close. “Oh, Megan, I don’t need a tree or anything else to remember you! Even though we don’t live together, you will always be a part of me.”

And when I see the tears in Kendra’s eyes, I know she really means it.

After reading the book (some along with their children), the participating bloggers submitted questions that they wanted to see the others discuss. In their posts today you’ll get their thoughts about the book as a whole and their answers to the questions that most resonated with them.

I want to thank each of the bloggers who participated (more will be added to the list throughout the day as their posts go live). I encourage you to visit their thoughtful reviews and engage with them in the comments!

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