New Open Adoption Bloggers – February 2013

The open adoption bloggers list grows every month and sometimes additions get lost in the shuffle. Hopefully these round-ups of the new blogs will help folks connect.

Here are the blogs added to the blogroll in February:


Feit Can Write: Adoptive parent writing about adoption, parenting, sports, and anything else he feels like.

Mumdrah: One woman’s adoption expedition to mop up pain, outwit rage, and change fate. UK

Surviving 15 Years of Adoption: My blog is my experience bringing up my children, the trials of contact and experiences we experienced with complicated contact and revisiting birth family.

Sarah P. Salmon: Memoirs of an Aussie Adoptive Mother in Asia

Monkey Soup: Blended trans-racial family, by birth, marriage, and foster/adopt. Five daughters ranging in ages from 6 to 29. Navigating opening a closed foster adoption of our youngest daughter.


Two Cats and a Cradle: Sharing our adoption journey as we experience it and hopefully answer some questions you might have about adoption. I’ll give it to you straight. The happy, the frustrating, the ups and downs and everything interesting in between. You may also get some cute kitty stories along the way. Who doesn’t like cute kitty stories?

Little Yellow Room: Follow the journey of Tim & Leslie as they recount & discuss open adoption, faith & infertility. Topics include failed placements, birthparent relations & raising awareness of this special type of relationship.


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