Meet, Share, Write (vol. 2)

In “Meet, Share, Write” we will be publicizing ways open adoption bloggers (and readers) can meet up, learn, and offer their own knowledge and experience beyond the blogging world. Do you have a conference, call for proposals, or other opportunity you think may be of interest to our blogging network? Let us know.


  • “Create the Next Wave,” the annual conference of the American Adoption Congress (AAC) in partnership with Adoption Network Cleveland
    April 10-14, 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Adoption: A Life Long Journey” by PACT
    March 9, 2013 in Oakland, California
    The list of presenters (including authors/advocates Brenda Romanchik, Joyce Maguire Pavao, and Beth Hall) and workshops (PDF) is really impressive. Definitely worth checking out!


  • EMK Press is looking for stories from families and professionals with experience in kinship care for the new anthology, “The Kinship Parenting Toolbox.” They are especially seeking essays from people who were parented in kinship arrangements. See their website for more details.
  • CQT Media and Publishing/Land of Gazillion Adoptees is seeking essays from adoptive parents whose sons and daughters are over 18 years old for an upcoming anthology called “Lessons Learned: Adoptive Parents Speak Out About Adoption.” There are more details here; submissions are due by February 28.
  • “The Mirror Monologues” seeks submissions from women of all ages about the role mirrors play in their lives. Although the project is not specifically about adoption, the theme of physical appearance/likeness often appears in adoption writing, so we thought the opportunity was worth sharing. Selected pieces will be used in a script to be presented New York in 2014. Submissions are being accepted through March 31; details are here.
  • Nonfiction works (e.g. memoir/graphic/illustrated/narrative photo essay, poetry) by mothers of children with special needs are being solicited for a proposed anothology. The editors write, “We want people to see, experience, and feel how mothers of children with special needs live with challenges that are, yes, lived painfully and differently than what most people outside of our world understand, but also generously, fully, and joyfully.”  This project, too, is not specifically about adoption, but there is often intersection between the adoption and special needs communities. The submission deadline is April 22; details are here.


  • Open Adoption Support, a crowdsourcing website for families and individuals who support openness in adoption, has created a directory of therapists and counselors who work with clients around open adoption issues. If you know of an adoption-competent therapist, please encourage them to submit a listing.
  • JaeRan Kim, doctoral student at the University of Minnesota, is looking to interview adoptive parents of internationally adopted children with disabilities whose children have been (temporarily or permanently) placed out of the home in a group home, residential treatment center, foster care, or another adoptive family. You can visit her research website for more information.
  • Open Adoption Bloggers (that’s us!) is in the beginning stages of planning a minicon for the summer of 2014. If you’d like to be part of the planning effort, join us for an online chat on February 21 at 7:30 p.m. Pacific. Contact Heather for more details.

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