New Open Adoption Bloggers – January 2013

The open adoption bloggers list grows every month and sometimes additions get lost in the shuffle. Hopefully these round-ups of the new blogs will help folks connect.

Here are the blogs added to the blogroll in January:


Our Roots Remain As One: This is my journey as a birthmother, placing both of my daughters in the past few months. I also struggle with bipolar, PTSD, and severe OCD.

Letters to Little Man: I’m a birth mom who enjoys a happy, open relationship with the family that adopted my son. I write letters to my handsome Little Man, the people who love him, and other birth mothers, adoptive families and parents everywhere…


The Sound of Hope–An Adoptee’s Memoir: I wrote my memoir to promote the need for open adoption in America. I am an adoptee and grew up in a closed adoption and the problems it has caused me and my adoptive brothers is told in my memoir. My advocacy for open adoption is a major theme on my site.

Expat (Adoptee) Mommy: This mom of two raising kids in her husband’s hometown of Belgrade, Serbia writes about expat-ism, adoption, and parenting as an adult adoptee. Her memoir, Adopted Reality, goes into a ʺwhole other level of crazy.ʺ


Artificially Sweetened: Figuring out what open adoption looks like for us with our kiddos – adopted domestically and from Guatemala. Ruminating on building a new kind of family over cultural divides.

keeperofthepark: This blog was started while we were waiting to adopt from S. Korea. Now, I blog about preschool activities, general life, adoption and beginning to navigate the rarity of open international adoption.

Hydrangeas Are Pretty: We are a two mom family, who adopted our first child in 2006, and our second in 2009. We are blessed to have an amazingly open relationship with both birth moms.

Plans Change: Formally, “Our Journey, But Not Our Plan. It’s hard to deal with now. But, one day, it will all be worth it.” Our blog title changed when we realized that our plans changed and that it was ok that they did. And guess what? It has ALL been totally worth it! Follow us as we continue our journey!

What is a Real Family?: Take a mom, a dad, two dogs and add two daughters through adoption! This blog chronicles our journey to parenthood from our decision to adopt, how we learned about family building through adoption and what it’s like to be a family living with two very open adoptions.


Teach Fish to Swim: A snapshot from the lives of a happy couple in California looking to adopt, offering insight into our thoughts and happenings from the past year. Please contact us with questions.

The Littlest Brooks-Livingston: We’re hoping to adopt our first child through open adoption.

Holly and Heather Adopt: We are hoping to realize our dream of becoming parents through open adoption. This blog and our various social networking pages are vehicles to share our information far and wide in the hopes that a birthmother considering placing her baby for adoption will see us and love what she sees. It takes a village to raise a child. We know our ‘virtual’ village could actually help make us Moms!


Adoption at the Movies: Helping adoptive families enter into important, open discussions, one movie at a time.