Book Club Registration: Megan’s Birthday Tree

Open Adoption Book Club @ OpenAdoptionBloggers.comThank you to everyone who expressed interest in an online adoption book club and took the time to answer our poll! It was exciting to see the enthusiasm for the idea. We bloggers love books, don’t we?

The feedback was overwhelmingly in favor of reading both children’s books about adoption and books for adults, so that is what we will do. It was mixed on whether to keep the discussion in a private forum or on our own blogs, so we will try doing some combination of the two depending on the book we’re reading. I’m working on setting up a private forum space we can reserve for talking about the more complicated adult books, so that we can have more interactive, personal conversations.

And now, the inaugural round of the online open adoption book club!

I thought we’d kick things off with a children’s book, quick and easy to read. Our first book will be Megan’s Birthday Tree: A Story about Open Adoption by Laurie Lears, a picture book aimed at kindergarten-age children and up. The official description reads, “Megan is adopted, but she and her parents keep in touch with her birth mother, Kendra. Every year, Kendra decorates the tree she planted when Megan was born. Megan cherishes this Birthday Tree, for it ties her and Kendra together.”

This book will be discussed by posting on our blogs (i.e. there won’t be a private forum discussion this time). I chose it for this first round because it’s fairly easy to find at larger libraries or for purchase online (Amazon, Powell’s Books, Tapestry Books). If you can’t get your hands on a copy but would like to participate, contact me.

Some information and important dates:

  • Locate a copy of the book and start reading now.
  • Register for this round of the book club using the form below. Registration closes 2/21/13. The book club is open to any blogger who would like to participate. You don’t have to be listed on the OAB blogroll or even be an adoption blogger.
  • If you have questions or thoughts about the book that you’d like to see other bloggers discuss, send them in by email no later than 2/22/13. The discussion questions will then be sent out to all participants on 2/23/13.
  • Write up a post at your blog with your thoughts on the book, answering some of the questions posed by others. Send in the post link by 3/5/13. (You can publish it early or schedule it for March 6.)
  • A list of links to everyone’s book club posts will be published here at OAB on 3/6/13.

Grab a book club button:

Use this code to add the book club button (shown above) to your own website. You can change the size by making the orange number in the code below larger or smaller.

<a href=""><img alt="Open Adoption Book Club @" src="" /></a>

Register here:

I’m excited to see how this goes! Please spread the word and let me know of any ideas you have for our new book club.

Participant list:

Dawn @ Building Family Counseling
Luanne @ Don’t We Look Alike?
Heather @ Production, Not Reproduction
Mommysquared @ What Makes a Real Family
Meghann @ four wild blueberries
Artsweet @ Artificially Sweetened
Robyn C @ The Chittister Children
Kristin @ Parenthood Path
Cat @ Cat’s Litterbox
Jessie @ Then I Laughed
Jamie @ On Wings of Hope
Laura @ Journey to a Little Mo
Amy @ Jim and Amy Hoping to Adopt
EBrooks-Livingston @ The Littlest Brooks-Livingston
Tonya M @ Mommy Musings
Shel @ Feisty Brunette


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