Introducing Contributing Blogger Kat Cooley, MSW

Note from Heather Schade, OAB founder: I am happy to introduce OAB’s first regular contributor, Kat Cooley. Kat writes from her professional and educational background as a social worker, and also her personal experience as a longtime blogger and open adoption participant.

I am honored and excited to begin 2013 as a contributing blogger for Open Adoption Bloggers.

My personal journey as a birth mother inspired me to become a social worker.  My experience and the experience of others in the adoption community convinced me that real unbiased comprehensive options counseling is needed for those experiencing unexpected pregnancy. While working toward my social work degrees I focused as many of my projects on adoption as possible. My original thinking was not only to focus on what interested me, but also that I might make myself more employable.

However, it didn’t turn out exactly as I planned. My involvement in the adoption community and the education I gave myself about adoption convinced me that I would not work for an organization that I did not believe was ethical.  This significantly limited the number of agencies to which I was willing to apply. I eventually was hired by a very ethical agency doing work that I love.

Eventually I’d like to return to school for a PhD in Social Work and conduct adoption related research, in the mean time I’ve started some independent research to tide me over. In the coming months I hope to share posts about that research, information I gain from the conferences I attend, and much more.  If there are topics you’d like to see me address, please leave them in a comment here or over at the Open Adoption Blogger facebook page.


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