New Open Adoption Bloggers – Summer 2012

The open adoption bloggers list grows every month and sometimes additions get lost in the shuffle. Hopefully these round-ups of the new blogs will help folks connect.

Here are the blogs added to the blogroll in June through August:


Blessings in Disguise: We didn’t give her up, we gave her better.


ReunionEyes: A blog from the perspective of the adoptee about the integration of her life with her birthmother over the course of two decades and the unique blended family that forms as a result of their reunion.

Adoptee Searching for Me: I’m adopted, and have been raised in the closed adoption era. I’m a adoptee rights advocate, and sense having such a hard time with searching for who I was my whole life, I’m against closed adoption and for open adoption if there is no way humanly possible the child/children can’t stay with the biological parent/s. I express my views in my blog and I am delighted to be able to use writing as such a healing tool.


Matt and Misti: Hoping to add to our family through adoption.

Finding My Moments and Learning to Smile: I am an adoptive mom who is trying to find her way in life as a new mom and everyday struggles.

Just a Box of Rain: Adoptive mama to a little girl looking to build connections. Some posts are password protected, but I do provide the password to fellow bloggers, see instructions on my page! Welcome!

Adoption Pi: Exploring open adoption and all the dimensions it adds to the family.

Journey Through Adoption: A record of our journey through adoption, from our first phone call to Social Services in January 2011, to the placement of our amazing sons in March 2012 and an ongoing weekly account of our new life as two dads.

Moms and Zombies: I’m a married mom in an open adoption. I used to be Evil Mommy, but now I’m not.


shypublicqueer: sharing a journey to parenthood by way of queer radical love

Em’s Adoption Blog: The crazy tale of Em and J, a married couple from the UK beginning the long and winding road to adoption.

A Peculiar Love: I’m making an attempt to blog through our adoption journey- from the moment we decided we wanted to adopt until we have little ones running through. We are meeting the mother of our first child for the first time tomorrow and hoping for an open relationship with her and the birth father.

Daniel and Christy: Waiting for the Miracle of Adoption: He’s a Librarian. She’s a Photographer. Likes: Art, Camping, and Cold Pizza. Dislikes: Shoveling Snow, Mosquito Bites, and Scratchy Blankets. Dream: To be parents to a sweet little one through open adoption someday soon!

Kim and Scott Adopting: My husband Scott and I are hoping to adopt a newborn through domestic open adoption. This blog is a way for us to share our lives and thoughts while waiting. Thanks for joining us on our journey.

Two Mums Two Kids: Our adoption journey from the beginning to…not sure yet. I’m one half of a young(ish!) female couple and wanted to document our journey. There have been a few twists and turns along the way, and no babies yet but we are approved now and “family finding”.