Coming Soon: Open Adoption Bloggers Chat Room

One recent evening on Twitter, a bunch of open adoption bloggers started chatting about adoption advertising on social media sites. This lengthy discussion ended up spanning for the length of an hour, and some amazing, diverse opinions were shared in the 140 count of each tweet.

During this discussion, it was brought up there was some sort of need for a forum in which to discuss these sorts of topics. The kind of things that will branch off and create Open Adoption Roundtable topics, the things that will help us learn from one another as a whole, and the kind that bring as together as parties who are involved in open adoption.

As such, we’re excited to announce that we will be launching, in the coming weeks, a regular chat open to Open Adoption Bloggers! We feel that the site will benefit from this sort of real-time interaction.

Below, you will find a question regarding what day of the week works for you, if you choose to participate. In the comment section, it would be helpful if you could tell what time zone you are located in so we can get a sense of where people are. Obviously, the times and days will not always suit everyone, but we want to do our best to accommodate  so we can learn from this sort of discussion.

If you are interested in becoming a moderator for the chats, please let us (Danielle and Monika) know in the comments or by email. For any other suggestions pertaining to this new idea, please comment below! We are definitely interested in hearing ideas.

We look forward to chatting with you soon!

About the author:

Danielle is the mother to three children, one of whom she relinquished for adoption nine years ago. She writes about her experience with her semi-open adoption, and the issues she faces as a first mother at Another Version of Mother. When she isn’t writing about adoption, you can find her updating her family blog at Tales From the Mamaside.


8 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Open Adoption Bloggers Chat Room

  1. How wonderful! Let’s take it off Twitter 😉 It will be challenging to keep it um …. well you know … but you’ve got two wonderful moderators so off to a great start!

  2. I definitely want to be kept abreast of developments on this subject, now that I’ve finally read the backlog of posts here.

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