Open Adoption Roundtable #23: Seven Questions

It’s the third week of the month, so it’s time for another open adoption roundtable.

This one will be a little different because (1) the prompt is actually at another blog and (2) a number of you have already written your posts.

Jessica from O Solo Mama is an adoptive parent via international adoption (and a fabulous writer). She’s been listening to us tell our stories (especially those who participated in last year’s interview project) and thinking about open adoption–why it sometimes seems to work, why it sometimes seems not to work, what’s really going on for those of us living it. The other week she asked seven questions of those of us in open adoptions. Seven really, really good questions.

Rather than reposting the questions here, I’m sending you to her blog. I think it’s important to read them in the context of her entire post.

  • If you’ve already answered O Solo Mama’s questions and would like to list your post here, leave a link in the comments.
  • If you haven’t answered them yet, go read the questions, write your response, and come back here to give us a link.

They’ve sparked some thoughtful discussion already and I’m looking forward to reading more!



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